Photo by Fiorello  for The weddingtales blog

All our designs are distinguished for their comfort, elegance and vintage style. The best materials are combined with the highest standards for dancing shoes and are reinforced by the special Femme Fanatique bottom, creating the most comfortable high-heeled shoes. By booking an appointment with one of our qualified staff members, you can discuss all details of  the unique pair of shoes that will be created especially for you. If you haven’t  already made your choice our staff will make suggestions based on the style and color of your dress, even bridal wear. You will have of course have the ‘last word’ by selecting the design, color and material desired through un updated sample book, with great variety in leather, fabric and other materials. The “Made To Order” Femme Fanatique shoes can optionally be decorated with unique details and complete your look, without having to take them off your feet  not even for a minute!

The average delivery time is two to three weeks.

You can make an appointment Monday-Saturday by calling us on +30 211 4099990 or by visiting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..