Femme Fanatique shoes are made by hand with only the highest quality materials and special techniques applied purely to dancing shoes, which we by ourselves developed. Leathers are carefully chosen after thorough testing to meet Femme Fanatique’s standards in order to avoid rough spots and leather imperfections.

A special foot bed is manufactured exclusively for Femme Fanatique –after months of research and tests- and includes special foams that absorb vibration. An extra soft pad is added to all types of shoes for better support and maximum comfort. The sole is made of leather, covered by  a protective film to remain intact before the first use, and is very thin so that the shoes remain flexible and elastic.

The mounting of every Femme Fanatique shoe is made by traditional technique, nailed with over 60 small nails, while remaining on the shoe last for at least 48 hours, allowing it to dry naturally. This procedure ensures greater strength and durability. Heels, although thin, are nailed by hand for greater accuracy and selected bearing in mind the ideal center of gravity of the shoe, assisting in the balance of the body
The finishing of the shoe requires one more day for final checking and meticulously packaging it, into the specially created Femme Fanatique box,  by “‘Somethink Creative Group”’. The shoes are positioned upright to avoid damage during transport and storage.